Gold Shows

Developed in 1989 by the Canadian Angus Association, the Gold Show program encourages breeders to move between regions to show cattle. Individual animals must show in a minimum of three Gold Shows in at least two different regions in a given year to qualify for awards. Awards are presented based on the number of points accumulated over the course of the show season.

Each year the following awards are presented in both red and black categories:

  • Show Bull of the Year

  • Show Female of the Year

  • Heifer Calf Champion

  • Bull Calf Champion

  • Junior Female Champion

  • Junior Bull Champion

  • Senior Female Champion

  • Senior Bull Champion

Gold Shows 2022 – dates and locations

Subject to change. Check back here for all the latest updates and information.


British Columbia Angus Association

August 9-14
Dawson Creek Exhibition, Fair and Rodeo 100th Anniversary
Dawson Creek, BC

August 31-September 4
IPE – Interior Provincial Exhibition
Armstrong, BC


Alberta Angus Association

October 1-2
Olds Fall Classic, Olds, AB

November 9-12
Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB


Saskatchewan Angus Association

November 2-5
Lloydminster Stockade Roundup, Lloydminster, SK

November 28-December 3
Canadian Western Agribition, Regina, SK


Manitoba Angus Association

July 22
Harding Fair, Harding, MB

October 26-29
Ag Ex, Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB


Ontario Angus Association

Brampton Preview Show

November 3-13
Royal Winter Fair, Toronto, ON


Quebec Angus Association

September 2-5
Expo Brome, Brome, QC

October 7-9
Expo Boeuf, Victoriaville, QC


Maritime Angus Association

August 18-20
Old Home Week, Charlottetown, PEI

September 24-25
NB Beef Expo, Sussex, NB

October 14-16
Heritage Beef Classic, Windsor, NS

Canadian Angus Association is excited to have the Ringside app in Canada

  • Follow "up-to-the-second" results as animals enter the ring and receive notifications of animals and programs you'd like to follow
  • Current class lists for shows will be accessible
  • Download the free app from the Google Play store or the Apple App store by searching for Ringside LLC

Results for 2022 Gold Shows**

**Current as of most recently submitted and calculated show results.

The 2022 Gold Show season is back.
We are aware that the Gold Show series plays an important role in the marketing and promotion efforts of several Angus members and understanding this importance, we want to ensure the successes of the 2022 Show season are acknowledged.

For 2022, the CAA will be going back to the usual format of points being calculated by total points accumulated in best 3 shows. The same 5-tiered show points allocation system based on the number of entries and points awarded based on the number of entries will continue to be the basis on how points will be calculated.

Follow the CAA website for updated events as we are informed about them as well as updated results and standings as these events take place.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing everyone at one of these events in 2022.

Myles Immerkar
Canadian Angus Association

Canadian Angus Gold Show Requirements

Each region may designate two shows per year as Gold Shows (except the Maritimes who can designate three shows) in which breeders can accumulate points for individual animals that are exhibited. The official list is maintained by the Canadian Angus Association. The Canadian Angus Association maintains the official list of recognized shows.

  • Shows must be open to all members of the Canadian Angus Association. There is no cost to show organizers for inclusion in the program.
  • Regions will notify the Canadian Angus Association of which shows have been designated along with show location and show dates by March 1st each year.
  • Animals competing must have a Canadian Angus Association registration number at the time of judging. Unregistered, pending or “applied for” animals will not be awarded points or count toward grant funding.
  • Animals born in or after 2012 must have a CCIA or ATQ Canadian Angus tag in order to qualify for points.
  • Any animal with colour products applied to it in a Canadian Angus Association sponsored show will be disqualified from the show and the show deemed ineligible for financial support from the Canadian Angus Association.
  • The class structure may be determined by the show organizing committee however it is encouraged that the Canadian Angus Association Gold Show Class Structure provided be used whenever possible.
  • Individual animal points vary depending on the number of entries in the show. Points are awarded to the top six animals in each class or split, divisional champions and reserve, grand champions and reserve.
  • There are no limits on the number of animals that can be exhibited by an individual member.


Animals competing must have a legible tattoo that complies with Canadian Angus Association requirements at the time of check-in or they will not be eligible to be shown. All cattle identified as not tattooed or with an incorrect tattoo will be reported to Canadian Angus Association.

Requirements are subject to change. Changes will be communicated by the Canadian Angus Association to the regional associations.

The rules of individual shows differ, and it is the responsibility of each breeder to know and follow the rules of the show. Failure to comply with the show rules may result in an animal’s disqualification.

We congratulate our Angus friends on their outstanding show season in 2022.

Gold Show 1
Gold Show 3
Gold Show 82-83