November 13, 2018

Member Satisfaction Survey 2018
Ten for ten! Please take ten minutes to answer ten member satisfaction survey questions and be eligible for one of ten prizes! We value your feedback. Survey closes November 30, so get your responses in today! http://ow.ly/f2V130mmwIe

October 18, 2018

As you may have heard, Canada Post has been served strike notice. CUPW could commence strike action as early as midnight on Monday, October 22, 2018.

In the event of a Canada Post work stoppage:
• Deadline-specific work (e.g. transfers and registrations) submitted by mail and postmarked prior to the work stoppage will be charged at the rate that would apply on the postmark date regardless of when they are received at the CAA office following resumption of service.

• Canadian Angus will hold all outgoing mail until mail service resumes. Upon request, we will e-mail or fax items that are required urgently (please note: a faxed or scanned registration certificate is not a legal document). Any urgently required items that cannot be sent electronically will be sent by courier at the member’s expense upon request.

• We encourage members to sign up as authorized users to submit registrations online and for e-storage of certificates. Many forms can be submitted by email and we also accept faxes. Please refer to the Member Service Instructions and How-to Guides page for details on electronic options.

• If members take photos of paperwork and submit those photos by email, please ensure that you take a photo of each individual page to ensure our staff can read the forms.

• We also encourage members to use e-transfer if you prefer not to keep a credit card on file.

• If you send packages to Delta Genomics via courier, you must request that NO SIGNATURE is required.


September 10, 2018

Important notice about 3F EPIC 4631 (IMP 4631B) 2012720 NHC

Your Association has been informed that 3F EPIC 4631 (IMP 4631B) 2012720 NHC is a carrier of the causative mutation for Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (NH).

Although not a potential carrier of NH by pedigree, a son of 3F EPIC 4631 (IMP 4631B) 2012720 NHC was tested and identified as a carrier in the U.S., so the American Angus Association tested a DNA sample from 3F Epic 4631 to determine his NH status.

The resulting test indicated 3F EPIC 4631 (IMP 4631B) 2012720 NHC is an NH carrier.

More information on the Canadian Angus Association genetic condition policy and NH is available here.

In accordance with the Canadian Angus Association Genetic Condition Policy (effective September 22, 2013), calves sired by 3F EPIC 4631 (IMP 4631B) 2012720 NHC need to be DNA tested for NH before they are eligible for registration. DNA testing can be arranged by contacting your Association at 1-888-571-3580.

Please contact your Association member service team if you need more information or have questions.

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