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Instructions for using the Canadian Angus Association Animal & EPD search forms

With these search facilities you can locate animals from the latest Canadian Angus Evaluation and the Canadian Angus Herd book based on criteria such as name, tattoo, registration number, sire progeny, dam progeny to name just a few. Any combination of the criteria can be used for your search. Each search criteria added would limit your search, finding only those which meet ALL criteria. If you are unsure, it may be better to choose only one field at a time, clearing old criteria before beginning a new search.

Searches are not case-specific.

Enter the start or the animal’s entire name. You can enter RED MAGGIE BURR to find animals that start with the name RED MAGGIE BURR, but you can’t search on RED BURR and expect to find results for animals whose names are RED MAGGIE BURR. If you’re not certain of the exact name, you can use the wildcard character (%). For example, enter RED MAGGIE % or RED M% BURR. Please note that the wildcard character cannot be the first character of the animal’s name.

Enter one or more animal tattoos separated by commas (e.g. ABC 1K, ABC 2K, ABC 3K). Put a space between the tattoo letters and the number/year (e.g. ABC 1K, not ABC1K).

Registration #(s)
Type in the Canadian Registration number (US registration numbers are not cross-referenced). You may type in more than one registration number; separate them by a comma.

Calving Year(s)
Enter one or more calving years separated by a comma. You would likely use this field in combination with another, for example Current Owner Membership #.

Current Owner Membership #
You can enter in a membership # to view Herd Inventory for a specific ID. It may be a good idea to use this field in a combination with another, for example calving year and Select If: Male.

This field defaults to all. You may want to select only black or only red to limit the results of your search.

Registration Status
This field defaults to registered. You can select recorded to view commercial animals, or all to select both registered and recorded animals.

Select If
You can use more than one ‘select if’ criteria at one time. Using the criteria identified in these scrolling Select If fields, you can search for animals that fit the following descriptions:

Animal is: Use the line with no description to prevent invoking select criteria in your search

Active: Animal is currently active, has not been disposed of.

Male: Animal is of the male sex

Female: Animal is of the female sex

Mature Sire: Animal fits the criteria of mature sire as determined by the Breed Development Committee. This would be a sire that is found in the printed sire summary.

Young Sire: Animal fits the criteria of a young sire as determined by the Breed Development committee. This would be a sire that is found in the printed Sire Summary.

Breeder located
This field defaults to Anywhere. You can limit your search in this field to a specific province or country.

Sire Name
You can type in a sire name to view his progeny. The sire name would have to be exact.

Dam Name
You can type in a dam name to view her progeny. The dam name would have to be exact.

Sort By
You can choose to sort by Animal Name or Animal Ident (registration number) in ascending or descending order.

Once your search has resulted in a match or matches, you can click on any information that is highlighted to further your search. For example there may be progeny available to look at, or you can view the pedigree tree. If the breeder or current owner of an animal is a member of the Canadian Angus Association, their name will be highlighted and you can click on it to view their membership information such as a phone number, address or email address.


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