Canadian Angus is Hiring Two Interns

Special Projects Intern (one-year contract)— new start date: We require an intern to assist with a number of projects. The intern’s primary responsibility will be to design and implement a research and development project to describe and quantify Canadian Angus genetics for improved feed efficiency. Read the full job description.

History Project Intern (one-year contract)—application deadline extended and new start date: We require an intern for the Canadian Angus History Project. The intern will help compile the next Canadian Angus history book and will help create the rest of the project. Read the full job description.

Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration (CBSA) pilot

The CBSA pilot is an effort to create a certified sustainable beef supply chain. Canadian producers with cow-calf operations, backgrounders, and feedlots are eligible to participate. This pilot will help strengthen consumer trust in the Canadian beef industry, in addition to potential financial reward for participants. Participants must become certified under the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program or Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) framework to be able to participate in the program. For more information visit the CBSA website.

History Project

We’re thrilled with the interest that our members are showing in the Canadian Angus Foundation’s new history book project. Project lead Linda Henderson has heard from many people who are working on their Angus stories and are gathering photos to share. James Bowman’s grandson, who recently entered the Angus breed with his daughter, contacted us to discuss the project. James Bowman was the breed inspector who reviewed the records and pedigrees of all Angus cattle in Canada and provided the data for the first Canadian Aberdeen Angus Herd book published in 1908.
As we work on the new book, the 1985 history book produced by Lloyd Pickard is receiving new interest. The Canadian Angus Association would be grateful for any additional copies that members would like to donate. These books will be auctioned to raise funds to produce the new history book and the Canadian Angus Foundation. Please contact Belinda Wagner ( or 306-757-6133) or Tina Zakowsky ( or 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584) to make a donation.
Don’t forget to share your Angus story! Contact Tina at Angus Central or submit your story online.


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