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Entering the beef industry as a new or young individual is a daunting experience. Not only are there financial challenges, but experience and technical knowledge can also present obstacles for new producers. It is difficult for a young producer with an interest in beef production to get a start in this industry, as well as know where to turn for advice. Often family members are the first source of guidance but this is not always an option. The daunting task of starting a beef operation is enough to turn potential producers away, or leave those who entered the industry feeling overwhelmed by the challenges they may face.

The Canadian Angus Association wants to help address and alleviate the challenges that new producers face through our new, free Mentorship Program. Mentorship is about the transfer of knowledge and experiences from one individual to another, and often occurs without either individual being aware it is taking place. The Canadian Angus Association seeks to promote these relationships among members and ensure knowledge sharing continues through the Mentorship Program.

The Canadian Angus Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for new members to connect with experienced cattle producers. New and young producers will be paired with an experienced member who can provide them with one-on-one advice and expertise. The mentorship program aims to help support new and young Angus producers, facilitate Angus producers with a network of expertise and community, and provide a forum to access tools to ensure success and longevity in the beef industry. By connecting new and young cattle producers with experienced members, there is the opportunity for a transfer of knowledge and experience.

Information sessions will be held throughout the year at Angus Central and across Canada. Sessions may include topics such as calf health, genomics, marketing and promotion, body scoring, fertility, business plans and nutrition.

The Canadian Angus Mentorship Program seeks to provide tools for new and young beef producers to succeed and remain in the industry. The program intends to develop a database of expertise to fill commonly identified gaps of knowledge within the beef industry.

Any Canadian Angus Association Member between the ages of 18 and 39 is eligible to apply to become a mentee.

To apply click HERE

There is funding available through the Canadian Angus Foundation for members to offset travel costs. Click HERE to apply.

For any questions not answered here or for more information on the mentorship program, please contact the Canadian Angus Association at 1-888-571-3580 or by email.


This program is free to enrol in, and is supported by Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

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