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Canadian Angus Association Parentage Verification Policy:

Your Association and board of directors’ goal is to help guarantee your genetics and provide bull buyers with the most accurate pedigree information possible. The changes at our lab mean that we can now provide a SNP Parentage Verification test with double the number of SNPs so that our parentage verification is more accurate than ever. The board has also changed the requirements for parent verification on sires to reinforce this. The Canadian Angus policy on parentage verification now states that:

• All sires born on or before December 31, 2018 must have a DNA parentage profile on record with the Canadian Angus Association showing sire verification before their offspring can be registered.
• All sires born on or after January 1, 2019 must have a DNA parentage profile on record with the Canadian Angus Association showing parentage verification (to both sire and dam) before their offspring can be registered.
• Sires being used for AI must be parentage verified (to both sire and dam) to the before they are granted AI approval status.

We recommend that you have a DNA sample available for your females in case they have a great bull calf that ends up being a sire, either in your herd or another Canadian Angus member’s herd.

Canadian Angus Association Genetic Condition Policy: is available by clicking here

Genomic Testing: information on genomic testing is available by clicking here

The Process:

1. Decide which animal(s) need to be tested and what test(s) are required
2. Submit the list to member services by emailing registry@cdnangus.ca or calling 1-888-571-3580
3. Collect your DNA samples: your Association recommends that you collect a DNA sample on your animals when you are processing them. You are able to store most types of sample at room temperature in a safe location indefinitely. Please ensure that the samples are well labeled for ease of future use. Hair samples should include the hair root or follicle and be affixed by tape to keep the hair together. Hair can also be affixed to hair cards available through your Association. In addition blood cards and tissue sampling units (TSUs) are available.
4. Print your Lab requisition forms from that we sent you and attach them to your DNA samples
5. Send your samples and forms to the lab to be processed.

Please do not send the lab DNA submissions without your requisition forms. Without these forms the lab will not be able to process your test requests. Sending DNA samples to the lab without the correct paperwork results in a delay to your testing and an additional fee will be assessed.

TSU Application Guide

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