Pedigree Extracts

 Pedigree Extracts (for sale catalogues)

Pedigree extracts are available for members putting together sale catalogues. A pedigree extract is a text data file which contains individual animal identification, a three-generation pedigree, and all available performance data. The file is available as a Word document (.doc) using a Canadian Angus Association template. Pedigree extract files are sent to the customer or their designate by email.

The CAA provides this service to minimize the number of errors caused by typing three-generation pedigree data for sale catalogues. This service also ensures the most up-to-date information is included.

In addition to the pedigree extracts, members who email their completed sale catalogue as an Adobe PDF will have it published on the CAA website and Facebook. Submit your event as well and it will be added to the events calendar to increase exposure for their sale.

To Request a Pedigree Extract

Requests for pedigree extract files should be placed after all registration and performance requirements have been met. Pending and CM (commercial) animals do not qualify for pedigree extracts. The requests should include an Excel sheet (.xls) of registration numbers and/or animal tattoos and the lot number if know. We do our best to return pedigree extracts within four business days of receipt.

  • The cost for a pedigree extract is $2.50/animal if the registration number is sent electronically in an Excel file (.xls) and $5/animal if the registration number is not sent electronically.
  • When possible, include the lot number, or if that is not known, provide the order in which the animals are to be sold.
  • If you require up-to-date performance data included in the extract, make sure the raw data has been submitted and processed before you request the pedigree extract file.
  • The simplest way to submit your information is to open this excel spreadsheet and fill in the requested information. Once the spreadsheet is complete, submit by email.
  • Once your sales catalogue is complete, email the Adobe PDF version to us, and we will post it on our website and Facebook for extra marketing.

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