AngusNOW Overview – Your Live Registration System

AngusNOW is the live Canadian Angus Association registration system. AngusNOW provides you with the tools to register animals, enter calving data, enter weights, transfer animals and much more from the comfort of your home! With AngusNOW you can receive registration numbers and transfer ownership instantly – no more waiting for your information to be processed.

1. Please contact your Canadian Angus Association to sign up for this service at or 1-888-571-3580. You will be unable to access AngusNOW until the office has set it up for you.

a. Note: you must have a valid email address for this service.

b. Once you have your account set up by the office you will receive an email inviting you to create an account and password. Please bookmark the website for future access. When you create your account, your username will be your email address, and you will need to create a password that includes one capital letter, a number, and a special character (!&*$)

2. If you already have an account, click HERE to login.

3. To print off step-by-step instructions of how to use AngusNOW click HERE for English and click HERE for French.

4. Once you are logged in you will see the landing page (below)

How to videos:

5. From the landing page you can navigate to:

  • Animals
  • Actions
  • Reports
  • Transactions
  • Member Details

6. Animals

a. Under the “Animals” tab you can view:

  • Inventory Overview – Use this tab to dispose and register animals, and add weights
  • Pending Animals – Use this tab to view animals that are waiting to be registered
  • Registered Animals – View your registered animals
  • Non-Registered Animals – View your unregistered animals

INVENTORY OVERVIEW – register calves, add weights, dispose animals

1.Under your Inventory Overview you can view your herd inventory, number of progeny, and select data by year

2. Click on “Cow Inventory” to view your herd inventory for that year and calving season

3. After clicking on “Cow Inventory” you will be able to see all the cows for that calving season, and be able to update your calving information.

4. To register a calf:

  • Click on the cow you would like to register so that it is highlighted BLUE
  • Then click on “register calf” located on the bottom left-hand side.
  • Once you have done this a page allowing you to register the calf will appear (see below)
  • Enter the appropriate information for the calf that you are registering

5. Once you have entered all the relevant information for the calf, click Complete Registration. You will see a message indicating the success of the registration.

6. Click on the “Complete” tab in Cow Inventory to view the updated status of your animals

7. Now that you have registered your calves, proceed to Pending Transactions (located under the Transactions Tab) to pay for, and complete the process of registration.


  1. The Pending Animals tab tells you what animals are not registered
  2. Any animal with a ? followed by six digits is NOT REGISTERED
  3. To register a pending animal, you must click on the animal and update the required information


  1. While in your “Inventory Overview” click on the weight (BW,WW,YW) that you would like to enter
  2. A new screen will appear that have information about the calves born in that season – in this case, because we have selected Weaning Weight (WW) for Spring 2018 the appropriate information will appear
  3. Ensure that you are in the “incomplete” tab
  4. Select the animal that you want to enter information for (in this case we have selected the top one which is why it is blue)
  5. Enter the information you wish to provide (weight, desexing date, disposal code, weeks creep fed, group)
  6. The “Group” is the management group your calves were in between birth and weaning. For example, cows run in two separate herds over the summer would have Groups of 1 and 2.
  7. Click “Update”. The information for that animal is now complete.


  1. Click on “Reports”
  2. Select the type of report or job you would like to run (See below)



a. Under the “Actions” tab you can view:

  • Registered Animal
  • Animal Transfers
  • Male List
  • Female List
  • Buyers/Sellers


c. To transfer an animal, click on the “Animal Transfers” tab. The below screen will appear.

d. Once you have found the individual you want to transfer your animals to, click on their name, then click “Select Highlighted”

e. After selecting the person you want to transfer to, the screen will change to the below.

f. Now that you have the buyer selected that you want to transfer to, click on the “Animals” tab

g. Choose the animal(s) that you want to transfer by clicking the square check box

h. Once you have checked all the animals you want to transfer, press “Select Animals”

i. If your animals have been sold as “Serviced” (meaning they are sold as bred animal) you will need to enter Service details (see below). If they are not serviced, you can select “Complete Transfer”

j. Once you have entered Service Details, click “Save” and then click “Complete Transfer”


1.In order to pay for your now – completed registrations, transfers or weights, you must pay for them

2. Go to the “Transactions” tab and click on “Pending Transactions”

3. Once you click here, a page will appear with the work you have completed, and the costs (see below)

4. Click on “Pay Now”

5. You will now be asked for your credit card information. Enter your information and press “Pay”. If you would like that card to be used for future transactions, click “Save this Credit Card Information for the future”

6. You will receive a message indicating that payment was successful

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