Angus Cow Enrollment

About the Angus Cow Enrollment program:

Important update to your ACE program:
Based on input from Directors at the fall 2018 Board meeting, a decision has been made to extend the amount of time that Angus Cow Enrollment program (ACE) members have to request their indicators and parentage verification tests to two calendar years. Please see below for a full list of services that must be accessed within two calendar years.

The voluntary ACE program gives breeders the option to pay an annual fee of $65/cow enrolled to gain access to a full suite of member services provided at no extra cost.

To enroll: return your completed Female Exposure Worksheet to the Canadian Angus Association office by December 1, 2019. Any cows left active on this worksheet will be enrolled in ACE and assessed an ACE fee as of January 1, 2020.

You can choose to pay either as a one-time annual fee or a tri-annual fee, where fees are broken down into three equal payments.
• Spring herds will be assessed their annual fee on January 1 or their tri-annual fee on January 1, April 1 and July 1.
• Fall herds will be assessed their annual fee on March 1 or their tri-annual fee on April 1, July 1 and October 1.

By enrolling in the ACE program, breeders gain access to more than 30 member services. These services include:
Membership Fee
Regional Association Membership Fee
*Calf Registration
Calf Transfer
*Weaning Weight Submissions
Yearling Weight Submissions
Ultrasound Scan Results Processing Charge
Canadian Angus Performance Program Membership Fee
Non-Financial Transfers
*SNP Parentage Verification Test
Export Package
AI Approval for Sire
Donor Dam Approval
Registration of Imported Animal
Registration of Lease
Registration of Herd Name
Registration of Tattoo Letters
Transfer of Herd Name or Tattoo Letters
Name Change of a Registered Animal
Duplicate Certificate
Five-Generation Pedigree
Correction Fee
Sale Promotion Package
Online Herdbook Photos
Geneprob Report
Herd Data Extract for On-Farm Software Program
*Canadian Angus Indicator Program RFID Indicator
Age Verification
Export Package
Transaction fee

Discounted services include:
*AngusGS Genomic Panel ($14 per test discount)

*These items must be accessed within two calendar years. For example, members have until December 31, 2020 to access services for cows enrolled on the program in 2019.

The Canadian Angus Association is proud to offer Canadian Junior Angus members their first five cows enrolled on ACE for free.

A Year on ACE


  • Annual or first of their tri-annual payment due for spring herds
  • Credit DNA technology account (1 test/cow)
  • Credit Angus indicator account (1 RFID/cow)

February to October

  • Register calves and transfer calves
  • Process parentage verification or genomic test requests
  • Record performance information
  • Process pedigree extracts and promote sales


  • Second tri-annual payment due for spring herds
  • Annual or first of their tri-annual payment due for fall herds


  • Third tri-annual payment due for spring herds
  • Second tri-annual payment due for fall herds


  • Third tri-annual payment due for fall herds
  • Female Exposure & Disposal Worksheet
  • Return deadline: December 1


  • Deadline to enroll in ACE: December 1
  • Spring Herd Inventory & Application for Registration

If you are interested in the ACE program or require additional information, please call your Canadian Angus Association at 1-888-571-3580.

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