Instructions for Online Registrations

Instructions for Online Registrations

Revised May 12, 2011

You must have been set up as an Authorized User to access this facility. If you have not been set up with access, please contact us for forms to complete and sign, or access and complete Form 21–Electronic Registration Agreement and return it to us by fax (403-571-3599) or mail.

You will require access for each Membership ID that you will want to submit online registrations for. The cows that you are applying to register calves to must be owned by the Membership ID that you are signed on as.

  • Ensure that you have credit card authorization or a cash credit on your account before you submit online registrations. Batch files received by CAA without payment cannot be processed.
  • Pay careful attention to the date format which must be dd/mm/yy. The “/” (backslashes) must be entered properly. For example June 19, 2011 must be entered as 19/06/11.
  • If your batch contains any records with errors, you will not be able to submit that batch. Fix the errors before you attempt to submit it, or delete the record with the error in it. Errors will be explained in red font, and warnings will be explained in green font. A batch with a warning CAN be submitted.
  • There are checks built into the online facility, but further checks will be performed by the Canadian Angus Association registry when we import your file.
  • You must use Canadian Angus registration numbers for all parent animals; the foreign registration number will not work. You may contact us for assistance in looking up Canadian numbers on your foreign animals.

Once you have signed on, click the online transactions button, and then click on “create a new batch”. You can choose either to manually add records, or create a batch from pre-built worksheets. (If no pre-built worksheets are available, please contact the Registry Department.)

  • If you choose manually add records, you will type in each dam ID individually.
  • If you choose pre-built worksheets, your herd inventory worksheet will be provided.

Batch Mode:  Choose to manually add record or

Create a batch from pre-built worksheets

Batch Type:  Choose Application for Registration

Comment:  Type in any instructions you want us to be aware of, such as the request to rush a registration, or comments that describe the contents of the batch.

Then click ‘create’. If you choose create a batch from pre-built worksheet option, you may have a choice of worksheets to choose from. Select the worksheet of choice by clicking into the Select box, the click on GO. By default, all animals are selected to be included in the batch, however, if for some reason you wish to exclude any animals, simply remove the tick from next to that animal in the column labelled ‘tick to include”. Once you have selected the animals you wish to include, click on the bottom of the screen in the box that says Continue. You will proceed to fill in the blanks for each dam on your pre-built worksheet, or for each calf if you are doing a manual entry.

Click into the Record No. field for the calf that is first on the list. That will bring the dam into the data entry screen. Using your mouse and your tab key to get around the form, you will fill in the blanks as described.

CAA Member

This box is pre-filled with the membership number you have signed on as.


Choices are Y for yes, or N for no.

Dam Tattoo

Dam ID

You can fill in either one of these fields if you haven’t used the pre-built worksheet. You don’t have to fill in both fields. If you are using the tattoo, then leave a space between the herd letters and the tattoo number. (A foreign registration number will not work; you must use a Canadian registration number.)

e.g. ABC 1D not ABC1D

Dam Fate

Default is the cow is still active in herd. If you want to provide a status code for the dam, use the drop-down arrow key to choose the appropriate status code. If the dam has a fate code and no calf information to report, you would choose the applicable fate code and move on to the update options area towards the bottom of your screen.

Sire Tattoo

Sire ID

You can fill in either one of these fields; you don’t have to fill in both of them. If you are using the tattoo, then leave a space between the herd letters and the tattoo number. (A foreign registration number will not work; you must use a Canadian registration number.)

e.g.: ABC 1D not ABC1D

Note: If the sire is unknown, or is another breed, leave the ID empty, and make sure the register Now box says N for no.


Choices are Y for yes, or N for no.

AI or Mating From Date

Enter the AI date, or the start date for a natural service. The format is dd/mm/yy. if you don’t follow this format you will get an error notification.

Note: You must type in the backslashes

RE Tattoo

Fill this in, leaving one space between the herd letters and the numbers.


  • If the calf is dead, please build the tattoo using your herd letters, and 9999Y for your first dead calf born in 2011, 9998Y for your second dead calf born in 2011, 9997Y for your third dead calf born 2011, etc.
  • The tattoo format must include your tattoo letters, a 1–4 digit number and the year letter for its year of birth. For performance herd recording, all calves must be supplied to us, even if you are not registering them and/or they are dead.

LE Tattoo
Same as above, if you have special permission to tattoo in the left ear.

Fill in the tag as it appears in the ear.
Hint: if the calf is dead, you can put ‘dead’ in this field.


Enter the calf birthdate. The format is dd/mm/yy. If you don’t follow this format you will get an error notification.
Note: You must type in the backslashes

M if male
F if female

Number in Birth
Default is single. Use the drop-down menu to select twin or triplet.

Calving Ease
Default is unassisted. Use the drop-down menu to select another choice.

Birth Weight
Enter birth weight (optional) in pounds.

Birth group:

All calves that were given the same opportunity to develop and gain birth weight should be placed in the same management group. Any calf whose birth weight would have been impacted because its dam was treated differently during the gestation period should be placed in a separate management group. The birth weight management groups can be labelled 1–99 and are mandatory.

B if black
R if red

Leave blank if the calf was a single birth, and nursed on its genetic dam (default). Use the drop-down menu to select another choice.

Default is that the calf is born alive. Use the drop-down menu to select another choice.

Register Now
Y if yes
This will indicate the animal is to be registered and you are charged the registration fee as per the current CAA fee schedule.

N if no
This will indicate the animal is not to be registered. A Commercial (CM) number will be assigned; there are no charges for CM animals.

Y if yes
N if no

Note: If you are registering the calf, you may want the CAA to e-store the registration paper indefinitely or until weaning and/or yearling weights can be printed on the certificate of registration. Let us know your intentions by placing Y for yes, or N for no. A certificate that is e-stored can be asked for at any time by a phone call, a fax, or an email and of course no charge will apply to print an e-stored paper upon demand.

Animal Name
This is the name of the calf. If the calf is red, the name must start with the word RED.

Update Options
Re-display if error(s), otherwise move to next record

If you select GO to this option, it will advise you of any errors that exist so that you can fix any fields as required. A batch file that contains a record with an error CANNOT be submitted for processing.

Always move to next record

If you select GO to this option, it will advance you to the next data entry screen for the next record. You could choose this option, and then view any errors at the end of your data entry before the batch is submitted for processing.

Return to list:

This will advance you to the detail screen for the batch you are working on. You can then edit a specific record if desired.

DELETE this record

If it turns out that this record is not to be submitted for processing, choose this option.

Submitting the Batch

Once you are finished the data entry for the current batch and you are ready to send it for processing, you will click on ‘view batch summary and batch submission screen’. It is a two-step process: the first step brings you to the summary screen, and on the bottom right hand corner there is another button that says ‘submit this batch to Canadian Angus’. Once you click on that, your batch is on its way to Canadian Angus.

You may also wish to refer to the Online Registration Status Indicators to help you understand the meaning of system messages for online registration.

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