Trait Leaders & Sire Summary

Trait Leaders: The top 25 proven and mature sires for each EPD trait are listed on the Trait Leaders reports. The reports for black Angus animals include the top 25 sires with a minimum of 0.70 accuracy for the trait. Red Angus animals must have 0.64 accuracies (with the exception of 0.40 for Fat EPD) to qualify to be listed on this prestigious report.

 Black Trait Leaders Summary
Fall 2017
Red Trait Leaders Summary
Fall 2017
Back Fat Back Fat
Birth Weight Birth Weight
Calving Ease Calving Ease
Carcass Weight Heifer Pregnancy

Carcass Weight

Marbling Marbling
Maternal Calving Ease Maternal Calving Ease
Milk Milk
Ribeye Area Ribeye Area
Scrotal circumference Stayability
Total Maternal Total Maternal
Weaning Weight Weaning Weight
 Yearling Weight Yearling Weight


Percentile Tables

Black Angus Animals Red Angus Animals

Sire Summary


National Cattle Evaluation (NCE) data is used to generate reports that help members identify and market high performance animals. Sire summary reports are available for registered young and mature sires. Trait Leader Reports identify animals that perform extremely well in individual traits. Refer to the sire selection guidelines for help with using EPDs to make selection decisions.

Sire Summary Reports

A mature sire is defined as having a minimum weaning weight accuracy of 0.67 and having at least one registered progeny with a weaning weight on file. The top 500 animals who meet these criteria qualify to be listed on the Mature Sire Report for black Angus animals and for red Angus animals.

A young sire is defined as being 2 to 4 years of age, having a weaning weight accuracy of at least 48 and having at least one registered progeny born. The top 400 animals who meet these criteria qualify to be listed on the Young Sire Report black Angus animals and for red Angus animals.

*Criteria last updated January 2016

Black Mature Sires        Red Mature Sires

Black Young Sires          Red Young Sires

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