Genetic Conditions

To maintain Angus breed integrity in Canada, and to assist our members with their mating decisions, the Canadian Angus Association identifies animals that have been tested for genetic conditions and reports the subsequent results of this testing. It is good ethical practice to disclose full pedigree information to potential buyers of an animal. Test results are printed on registration certificates and we encourage breeders to report all carriers in sale catalogues.

AI sires and Donor dams that have a known carrier of any genetic condition, for which there is a DNA test available commercially, within the first two (2) generations of their pedigree are required to be tested prior to registration of calves.

Per the Canadian Angus Association Genetic Condition Policy (effective September 22, 2013) the Canadian Angus Association acknowledges and seeks to identify carriers of the following genetic conditions which have twenty five (25) confirmed affected cases in Canada and the United States, within the Angus breed and verified to a registered Angus parent:

The Canadian Angus Association also monitors the following genetic conditions:

Geneprob Herd Analysis

The Canadian Angus Association can provide members with herd analysis reports that identify the probability of your animals carrying the genes for AM, NH, OS, MA and  CA. The fee for an electronic report is $15. Click here for more information on Geneprob reports.

DNA Testing

DNA testing is available for the following genetic conditions: AM, CA, DD, MA, NH, OH and OS. To request a DNA test please complete the DNA Test Request Form and return it to the office. The lab accepts either hair or semen samples. The tests cost $22 each.

 Reporting an Abnormal Calf

Members of the Canadian Angus Association are required to report abnormalities in their herds. If an abnormality is observed:

  1. Complete and submit a Calf Abnormality Report to the Canadian Angus Association office.
  2. Collect DNA samples (hair from calf, dam and sire) to keep on record for future reference.
  3. Verify parentage (DNA) of abnormal calf to both sire and dam.
  4. Collect photographs for future reference.
  5. Conduct a pedigree search for common ancestors.
  6. Complete a veterinary inspection, DNA analysis and/or pathology exam if required

If you have any questions about genetic conditions, please email or call Kajal Devani at 1-888-571-3580.

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