Tips for Tagging

For more information about the Angus tag program, please contact the Canadian Angus Association by email or by phone at 1-888-571-3580.

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Maximize tag retention by following these guidelines:

Correct application

  • Select the proper buttons. Be sure that the backing studs correspond to the matching front of the tag. The backing stud with the Angus logo is for the RFID tag. Plain green backing studs are for the herd management (dangle) tag (matched sets).
  • Use the Allflex Universal Total Tagger (red) or the Allflex Total Tagger+ (green) to apply tags. They are the only tools that can properly apply both Allflex RFID tags and herd management (dangle) tags. The grip is designed to ease hand fatigue from repeated use—excessive difficulty in applying tags indicates something is not working correctly.
  • The RFID tag with the protruding black cap always goes to the front. Reversing the tag not only reduces retention, it violates Health of Animals legislation.
  • For RFID tags, remove the black plastic clip from the tagger, allowing the tag to fit properly into the tagger’s jaws. If the tag is not aligned correctly it could be damaged, causing it to later fall out.
  • Make sure the arrow on the back side of the electronic tag points outward.
  • Do not retag in the same hole.

Tag position

Place tags in the proper location in the ear. The shape of the ear protects the tag and minimizes snagging. Apply the tag in the middle of the ear closer to the head between the two main veins of the ear.







Prevent Infection

  • Place the tag in the applicator and dip it into antiseptic solution before applying each tag.
  • The application site should be free from foreign debris before application.
  • Air space between the tag and the ear is crucial to proper healing and retention; inspect the ear after application to ensure there is proper space.

Click here for additional tagging tips from Allflex

For more information on the Angus tag program, please contact the Canadian Angus Association by email or by phone at 1-888-571-3580.


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