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Canadian Angus Indicator Program — Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canadian Angus Indicator Program?

The Canadian Angus Indicator Program is an official certification program that identifies animals with a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. Those animals are permanently identified with an Angus indicator, which is CCIA compliant and stays with the animal for life.

Do my animals qualify for Angus tags?

All cattle in the program must have at least one purebred Angus parent. Calves must be sired by a registered Angus bull and/or born to a registered Angus cow. If you buy Angus animals, request to have the registration paper transferred into your name.

What if I haven’t bought a bull but I use Angus semen or have purchased animals bred by an Angus bull?

Other documented evidence of Angus genetics includes AI semen receipts or affidavits for bulls from a community pasture. Individual cases will be reviewed; contact the office for further details.

I bought a bull but I don’t have the registration certificate, what do I do?

If the animal was sold as a registered Angus animal the seller is required under the Animal Pedigree Act to transfer the ownership to you within six months of the sale. Check with the seller or check the Online Herdbook to see the current owner. If it has been more than six months, contact the Canadian Angus Association for assistance.

Do I need to be a member of the Canadian Angus Association to purchase indicators?

No, anyone who has animals that meet the eligibility requirements can purchase Angus indicators.

How many indicators can I order?

You are eligible for 50 indicators per transferred, registered Angus bull for each calf crop. Indicators are sold in packages of 25.

How are the indicators shipped and how long will it take for them to arrive?

Typically indicators are shipped via Canada Post. Normal shipping times are 5–10 days from ordering.  Quicker delivery by courier is available for an additional cost and tags are usually received in 2–3 days.

Can I make more money with Angus indicators?

Merely tagging calves does not guarantee extra dollars. Producers consistently tell us that Angus indicators are a way of documenting information and adding market value to cattle. Angus indicators are a marketing tool to capture potential premiums.

What is my Angus member ID? Where do I find it?

Both purebred and commercial producers have an Angus member ID. The number is assigned to you by the Canadian Angus Association when bulls are transferred into your name. The number is printed on the registration certificate beside current owner.

Can I just purchase dangle tags?

No. The Canadian Angus Indicator Program is based on the RFID tag with the Angus back. This indicator visually and electronically identifies Angus animals and because it is mandatory under the federal laws. We choose the RFID indicator so that producers do not have the added expense of tagging animals with a second indicator. We sell the dangle indicators as an added service to our customers but dangle indicators are not part of the program.

How do I order Angus indicators if I live in Quebec?

The Canadian Angus Association has partnered with Agri-Traςabilité Québec to offer an Angus ATQ indicator. The indicator has a green back for the RFID tag similar to the CCIA indicator.  These tags are available by contacting ATQ directly.

For any questions not answered here or for more information on Angus indicators, please contact the Canadian Angus Association at 1-888-571-3580.

What brands of indicators are available from the Canadian Angus Association?

The Canadian Angus indicator program has two brands of RFID indicators available. The Allflex RFID indicator and the Temple Tag ComfortEar® Angus RFID indicator.

How do I purchase the different brands of Canadian Angus indicators?

To order the Allflex RFID indicator, please contact the Canadian Angus Association.
To order the Temple Tag ComfortEar® Angus RFID indicator, please contact Canadian Cattle Identification Agency at or call 1-877-909-2333.

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