The Program

The Canadian Angus Identification and Performance Program (CAIPP) was created to strengthen the link between Canadian Angus members and commercial producers who use Canadian Angus genetics. The program allows commercial producers to record information on their calves, get in-herd performance analysis of their calves for management and genetic selection purposes, and access marketing support through the Canadian Angus Association. CAIPP is our way of thanking our bull and replacement heifer buyers. We hope that this program increases the value of your investment in Canadian Angus genetics.

How to Start

Once your Canadian Angus breeding stock have been transferred to you, you can order your Angus Indicators to be delivered to you. Start by tagging your calves Angus and getting them age verified for free through your Canadian Angus office. After that, you can add any pedigree or performance information you want to (such as dam, sire, weight, average daily gain, days on feed, carcass quality data) to your animal records.

No Cost to Join

You’ve already made the investment in Canadian Angus genetics and Canadian Angus RFID indicators; please allow us to provide you with added value – at no additional cost.


      1. Parentage Verification

The service that commercial producers request most frequently is parentage verification. These requests typically involve identifying the bull that sires a group of calves that performed outstandingly or a group of calves that caused calving difficulties in heifers. Parentage verification is available through CAIPP from our partnering lab Delta Genomics based in Edmonton, Alberta. The SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) test is done using hair samples and costs $18/animal.

     2. In-herd Ranking For Traits Recorded

This easy–to-read report adjusts raw measurements (weaning weights, slaughter weights, days on feed, for example) and ranks your calves against each other to compare their performance. See the example below: 

     3. Sire Summaries

Our sire summaries allow producers to compare sires based on their average calf performance. The reports summarize the average number of calves (parentage must be known) and their performance for each sire for easy sire evaluation. The example sire summary report below shows how the average calves of Sire 1X performed for carcass quality traits.


     4. Animal Records

This tool is designed to help you market your heifers. It allows you to include the animal’s pedigree and performance information. Animal records can help you differentiate your heifers at market.

      5. Performance Endorsements

Performance Endorsements are an additional marketing tool designed to help you market your feeder calves. This certificate of endorsement provides potential buyers with the average EPDs for your bull battery and a testament to your investment in superior Canadian Angus genetics.

     6. Marketing Support

An added benefit of participating in CAIPP is CAA’s help promoting your upcoming sale. We list animals enrolled in CAIPP that are for sale below, and use our extensive social media outreach to help promote your genetics.

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