Age Verification

Age verification is recording the birth date or start of calving season information on your calves in the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) database. The Canadian Angus Association will age verify cattle that have been tagged with a Canadian Angus RFID indicator on your behalf. Age verification provides the proof of age Canadian beef needs for international markets. Age verification is also mandatory for animals born in Alberta. This is a free service the Canadian Angus Association offers to its Angus indicator customers upon request.


  1. Tag your cattle with Canadian Angus Indicators.
  2. Send a list of the indicator numbers and the corresponding birth dates/start date of calving season by fax, email or mail to the Canadian Angus Association office. If possible use the form sent with your indicator invoice or use the Age Verification Form
  3. Required information:
    – Producer name and mailing address
    – Phone Number
    – Method of Age Verification—Calving Start Date (CS) OR Individual Calf Birth Dates (AB)
    – RFID Indicator Numbers (only the last 9 digits of the tag are needed)—you can use the stickers included with your RFID indicator instead of writing out each indicator number
    – CCIA Third Party User Application Form: click HERE to access the form from the CCIA website

Calving season age verification can be done as long as the season does not exceed three months. If the calving season is longer, you will need to break down the indicators into groups and assign different starting dates of birth to each group.


  • Producer Joe has 120 calves born between February 15, 2009 and April 30, 2009, and has received the indicator range 01 124 000 299 222 501 to 01 124 000 299 222 625.
  • Joe records the date the first calf is born and tags the 120 calves with indicator numbers 299 222 501 to 299 222 620.
  • Joe sends the calving season date and indicator numbers used to the Canadian Angus Association.
  • The birth dates are registered with CCIA.
  • Joe receives the CCIA Birth Certificate, proof of age document that verifies his calves are recorded in the national database.


RFID Indicator Start # RFID Indicator End # Birth Date Method
299 222 501 299 222 620 20090215 Calving Season

CACP numbers on Registration Certificates

All Canadian Angus indicators and Angus ATQ indicators are eligible to be cross-referenced to a registered animal and have the indicator number printed on the certificate of registration. Once animals are tagged, the data can be submitted to the office with the application for registration or at weaning if the certificates are held.

Worksheets are available by contacting the office or an electronic template is available.

Older animals are also eligible. You can submit the indicator number on any animal originating on your premises and the papers will be updated the next time they are printed. If the indicator falls out once recorded on the certificate it can be easily updated. Simply return the certificate of registration with an explanation and the new indicator number to the office and we will be able to issue you a corrected certificate free of charge.

To take advantage of this service please submit your Angus indicator numbers with your registrations this year or use the template and email, fax (403-571-3599) or mail it to the office. This data will also be submitted to CCIA; if you require the CCIA birth certificate please indicate so when the data is sent.

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