Canadian Angus Beef Programs

What Is “Angus”?

Angus refers to a breed of beef cattle popular in Canada and around the world. There are nearly 3.8 million beef cows in Canada and two thirds of them are of the Angus breed. This type of cattle originated in the Aberdeen region of Scotland and were first brought to Canada over 100 years ago. Angus beef is well marbled, tender and full of flavour ensuring a pleasant eating experience.

How do I know if it’s Angus?

Many beef products in grocery stores and restaurants are labelled as Angus beef. There is no way to limit the use of the word Angus in Canada. However, products bearing the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Logo are guaranteed to be genuine Canadian Angus beef. This logo is the Canadian Angus Association’s stamp of approval on a quality Angus beef product.

How does the CAA guarantee the beef is from Angus cattle?

The Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program guarantees that the beef used in products bearing this label come from beef cattle with 50% or more Canadian Angus genetics. All cattle in Canada are required to be tagged with a radio-frequency identification tag. The Canadian Angus Association created a tag program that is available to beef producers who use Angus genetics. Those cattle tagged with an official Angus tag qualify for Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed beef programs. Those tags tell everyone in the industry that the cattle are Angus.

Where can I buy Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed beef?

Rancher Endorsed beef is available across Canada and around the world through our partner programs.

Hero Certified Burgers

Prairie Meats

Lepp Farm Market

Angus Zone

One Earth Farms/Beretta Ranch

Artisan Beef Limited

What about other Angus beef programs that are not listed here?  Are they not Angus beef?

Many beef programs use their own verification methods to determine how much Angus is in them.  These programs are also genuine Angus beef but not guaranteed or endorsed by the Canadian Angus Association.

How do I get involved? I have a beef program I want to get endorsed.  How do I do it?

The Canadian Angus Association is always looking to partner with beef programs from across Canada.  You can begin by filling out a Beef program application (Program Application) or contact the Director of Business Development in your region for more information.

BC & Alberta – Brian Good, 1-403-391-4037

Eastern Canada – contact Brian Good or Bob Toner

SK & Manitoba – Bob Toner, 1-306-716-5272

I have Angus cattle and want to sell my calves to one of these programs, how do I do it?

First of all, use Angus RFID tags on your calves.  Angus tags are CCIA approved and the only tag you will need.  Order tags by contacting Byron (888-571-3580) at the CAA office or ordering online.  Secondly, sell your calves through one of the over 160 Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Feeder Sales across the country each fall or sell your calves direct to program or feedlot working with these programs.  Contact the Business Development Team for more information.

BC & Alberta – Brian Good, 403-391-4037

Eastern Canada – contact Brian Good or Bob Toner

SK & Manitoba – Bob Toner, 1-306-716-5272


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