CAA Staff

Myles Immerkar, CEO • extension 3581

Myles Immerkar oversees the day-to-day operations of the Canadian Angus Association. He works with the elected Board of Directors to implement their vision in addition to growing and promoting the Angus breed. He has held a variety of roles in his professional career, including animal nutrition sales representative, regional manager, beef cow-calf and feedlot nutrition specialist and general manager. Myles has spent the last 16 years working as Manager, Global Beef Programs, Semex Alliance based in Guelph, ON. He was instrumental in industry development projects in the developing markets, launching new brands and beef strategies in developed markets and partnerships with a wide range of industry leading and progressive ranchers on their day-to-day programs. Myles looks forward to applying those experiences to the day-to-day operations of the Canadian Angus Association.Proudly creating CAA member value since January 1, 2019.
Administration Team
TinaTina Zakowsky, Administration Team Leader • extension 3584

Tina has provided communications support to the Canadian Angus Association since 2006. She is the media contact and manages sponsorship requests. Tina is the Angus Central contact for the Canadian Angus Foundation archives, maintaining the displays and catalogues of archive material and associated donations. She is the staff liaison to the board of directors, providing logistical and administrative support as well as managing the director elections. Tina also volunteers for the Calgary Stampede International Agriculture and Agri-Food Committee and her community association.
Proudly creating CAA member value since October 2, 2006.
Alan Yuen, Director of Administration • extension 3582

Alan manages Angus Central operations and CAA human resources and oversees the day-to-day finances and accounting. Alan works diligently to ensure that Angus Central operates smoothly—not only in terms of ensuring that there is power, water and heat, but also in terms of adequate staff resources. He regularly reviews contracts and investigates cost savings to keep administrative costs down and ensure that the Association receives the best value possible. Alan has worked in the beef industry for more than two decades.
Proudly creating CAA member value since February 15, 2011.
Joanelle Fuellbrandt, Office Administrator

Joanelle is the first point of contact for those calling and visiting Angus Central. She assists the Member Service with DNA requests, transfers, membership renewals, member information updates, release and e-storage of certificates and disposal of animals.
Proudly creating CAA member value since March 3, 2008.
Member Value Team
Carmen Koning, Member Value Team Leader • extension 3520

Carmen is responsible for the promotion and support of the Canadian Angus brand, as well as developing strategies for engaging members and commercial producers to grow the Angus market share. She has over sixteen years’ experience in marketing, communications, events, promotions, branding, account management, project management, and customer service. Carmen knows the importance of fostering strong relationships and is dedicated to serving the members and creating value for them at every level.
Proudly creating CAA value since May 15, 2017.
Kiani Evans, Director of Engagement * extension 3598

Kiani has been an intern with Canadian Angus since 2017, working in the archives for two summers before becoming the Foundation’s History Book Project intern. She grew up in rural British Columbia surrounded by the mercurial climate of the Cariboo and has a keen appreciation for all things agriculture. A graduate of the University of Victoria, Kiani has a passion for continual learning and endeavours to create meaningful connections for all involved with the CAA.
Proudly creating CAA member value since May 1, 2017.
Brian Good, Senior Director of Business Development, BC & Alberta • 403-391-4037

Brian is the longest-serving Canadian Angus Association employee, joining in 2000. He has been involved in the Angus business his entire life, raising purebreds for 37 years and having industry-related involvement for the following 25 years. Brian is in charge of field service across Canada, focused on commercial, purebred and new member involvement. Brian’s main territory is Alberta and BC. He travels to sales, shows, feedlots, packing houses, commercial and purebred ranches, trade shows, Junior shows and industry meetings. People are his main involvement.
Proudly creating CAA member value since June 15, 2000.
Bob Toner, Director of Business Development, Saskatchewan & Manitoba • 306-716-5272

Bob has been involved in the Angus breed his entire life. He was involved in 4-H as a member and leader as well as an exhibitor at some of the first Junior Angus shows in Bashaw, AB. Along with his wife Shonda, they raised a family of three children who were all very active in sports, 4-H and CJA activities. Over the years Bob was a purebred breeder as well as working in the purebred sales business. Bob has sat on a variety of boards in the cattle industry and was very involved in his local community. He looks forward to continuing his involvement in the breed and helping to ensure its future.
Proudly creating CAA member value since May 16, 2016.
Belinda Wagner, Canadian Junior Angus Coordinator & Canadian Angus Foundation Executive Director • (306) 757-6133

Working with the Junior board of directors, Belinda coordinates the activities of Canadian Junior Angus including their two annual events, the GOAL leadership conference and Showdown, the national junior Angus show. Belinda has worked with the junior program since 2000 and strongly believes we build our future by enabling our Juniors. In 2013 Belinda also took on the role of Executive Director with the Canadian Angus Foundation where she assists the Foundation board in implementing their programming as well as fundraising.
Proudly creating CAA member value since February, 2000.
Chris Penton, Director of Eastern Development and Corporate Sponsorships • (613) 883-1012

A keen entrepreneur, Chris has run his own small businesses, restructured organizations and worked in a variety of countries. His foray into agriculture came from starting up local farmers markets in Ottawa. He later joined Farm Management Canada (FMC) as their Business Development Lead. While working with the not-for-profit, he learned a lot about agribusiness, producer relations and sponsorship generation.

As a part of the Member Value team, Chris will liaise with producers, help forge a strategic path for the association and craft partner collaborations.
Proudly creating CAA member value since February, 2020.
Member Service Team
Lexi Wright, Member Service Team Leader • extension 3369

Lexi Wright is your Member Service Team Leader. Lexi grew up on a dairy farm at Didsbury, Alberta where she was actively involved in the day-to-day farm operation as well as her local 4-H club. She spent over 10 years leading the Mountain View 4-H Dairy club and has been committee chair for the last 12 years for the Western Canadian Classic 4-H Dairy show. Lexi’s employment background includes office experience from Canadiana Genetics (10 years), product development and genetics experience from Alta Genetics (8 years) and more recently the experience she gained as owner and editor of her family’s North American publication, Cowsmopolitan Dairy Magazine (sold March 2019). Lexi looks forward to working closely with members to bring more understanding to genetic testing with goals of continuing to improve efficiencies.
Proudly creating CAA member value since October 7, 2019.
Julia Engel, Member Service Advisor • extension 5607

Julia draws upon more than 25 years' experience in the farming and cattle industry to provide member assistance and support. She joined the Registry department in 2014 to assist members with their registry requirements.
Proudly creating CAA member value since March 17, 2014.
Avery Parkinson, Member Service Advisor • extension 5605

Avery works hard to provide error-free pedigrees, documentation, and data entry in a timely fashion. Avery has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Alberta and a TESOL certificate. She was a member of the Golden Rod 4-H Multi Club, a Calgary Regional 4-H Ambassador, and worked for 4-H Alberta as the Calgary/South Regional and Livestock Summer Assistant for three summers during university.

Proudly creating CAA member value since March 1, 2017.
Mandi Tilleman, Member Service Advisor • extension 5603

Mandi has gained her unique set of skills through hands on experience in a number of different industries and is very excited to return to what she is more passionate about, agriculture. She is an outgoing, hardworking team player who is eager to help members and fellow coworkers. She enjoys learning, and looks for new ways and processes to ensure efficiency. Mandi has a love for her community, volunteering with her local Agriculture Society, 4-H Club and numerous other youth clubs/organizations. She is looking forward to working with and getting to know our members.

Proudly creating CAA member value since June 19, 2017.
Breed Development
Kajal Devani, Director of Science and Technology • extension 5604

Kajal leads the generation of genetic evaluations for Canadian Angus breeding stock, identifies and monitors genetic conditions and counsels Association members on the application of genetic tools to balance and optimize healthy herds and economic gain. Raised on a mixed farm in Kenya, she obtained an undergraduate degree in animal genetics from the University of Manitoba, and a Masters of same at the University of Alberta. Kajal is passionate about genetics and their ability to enhance production for two primary ends: successful farmers and ranchers and a memorable dining experience for the beef consumer. Kajal knows that our business, even at its most scientific, is a ‘people’ business; and is committed to creating value at every level for every member.
Proudly creating CAA member value since January 30, 2009.

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Vision: The Canadian Angus Association exists to preserve and expand the Angus breed for Canadian cattle producers and beef consumers, providing the best opportunities for profitability today and for future generations. Mission: To maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed.
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