Canadian Angus Association

Board of Directors

Guiding Principals

The Canadian Angus Association is a member-driven Association that provides an accurate, current breed registry and the best tools available to verify parentage. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected from its members with representation across the country. The Board acts on behalf of the membership to provide strategic oversight and ensure that the organization achieves its goals. The board’s connection to the operational aspects of the organization is through the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO is responsible for maintaining operational sustainability and is accountable to the Board.

The Canadian Angus Association’s governance approach is summarized as the Board being responsible for setting the strategic direction and principles of the Association and it is the CEO’s responsibility to manage operations. The Canadian Angus Association has governance, association, and operating policies to provide guidance and support to the Board and the CEO to facilitate a collaborative approach to further the objectives of the Association. The Policies provide accountability to each other and the membership.

Affecting Change and Influencing the Board of Directors

Members are welcome to provide feedback and suggestions about the day-to-day operations of the Canadian Angus Association by writing to the Association.

The board of directors welcomes feedback and input about policies and the future direction of the Canadian Angus Association. Members are welcome to contact any director with concerns, feedback and suggestions.

Members who wish to submit an item for discussion at a board meeting can do so through a director or through their regional association. Members are also invited to make suggestions to the board of directors at the annual general meeting. Time is set aside at the meeting for this purpose.

Meet the Canadian Angus Board!

Graham Mclean Web

Graham McLean

Watford, ON
Ton DeWahl

Tom deWaal

President Elect
Prince George, BC
Sheldon Kyle Web

Sheldon Kyle

Past President
Redvers, SK
Blake Morton Web

Blake Morton

Craigmyle, AB
Mona Howe

Mona Howe

Cypress County, Alberta
Greg Pugh Web

Greg Pugh

Edgerton, AB

Roger Reynolds

Emerald Park, SK
Rob Garner Web

Rob Garner

Simpson, SK
Dallas Johnston Web

Dallas Johnston

Brookdale, MB

David Sample

Havelock, QC
Ronnie Ford Web

Ronnie Ford

Oyster Bed, PEI

BJ Scheirlinck

Del Bonita, AB